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You guessed it! I'm 55 years old, and I am single (not by my own doing - my much younger husband deserted me and fled to his Bosnian homeland, without so much as a second thought). His advice to me was simply: move on and live your life. So that is what I intend to do, and I am going to chronicle my adventures using various dating websites, blind dates, or whomever I happen to meet that is interested in dating.

I am new to the dating scene (had two marriages: 1st one lasted 28 years; 2nd one lasted 5 years). It's a scary world out here, women, and the rules and expectations have changed dramatically since I was last single. Being a "cougar" also adds to the mix, so I hope you will check back on my progress. Feel free to share your thoughts as I journey alone in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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55 and SINGLE!

55 and SINGLE!
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Too many men - too little time

Well, I had an off week last week. I haven't got one bite from POF since the spy, but Metrodate is keeping me hopping. Would you believe I get 2 emails per day from men from across the globe? They tell me I'm beautiful and sweet and angelic. I must say it is very gratifying to hear, just when I was starting to feel like an Old Maid. I am currently talking to six men right now: men from every corner of the globe: California, Indiana, 2 from Australia, London, and Malaysia. Funny thing, three of them quoted the Bible in their welcome e-mail. There must be something about my smile or something but these guys are falling hard for me. I sure don't want to break anybody's heart but seriously they shouldn't fall so hard until we at least meet in person. I mean, come on. But I do feel somewhat like a player. I feel powerful. I have my pick of men, and I am weeding them out. They all claim to want to come and visit or want me to visit them (send ticket please!) 2 of them have left for Dubai and Nigeria on business. They all are looking for mates. They hope I don't forget them while they're gone (heck, I can't even keep them straight when they're here!). I must say that I am wasting valuable time getting to know these guys, but it is necessary for me to get to know them better, pull out their flaws, and weed out the quacks. And let's not forget about Mr. Alabama, who is supposed to be coming to meet me this Sat. It's not like I am cheating on any of them, I am just doing research. Ahem. The confusing part about multi-chatting is to make sure that you are saying the right thing to the right person. And why do their names have to be two first names like Fred Michael or Jim Frank. I would have to say the most attractive and the least likely man that I will meet is the gorgeous specimen of a man from Malaysia. This guy looks like a GQ underwear model - OMIGOD! I would love to do a version of Eat Pray Love, but instead it would be called Travel Men Sex, a travelogue to different countries to meet men. Wouldn't that be great? Travel to London to see Jay; next head to Sydney to hook up with Joel, and while I'm in Australia, then another date with Mr. Nice; from there, head to Malaysia and swoon with Frank, then to California to see Jim, and finally to Indiana to see Jason. Phew! Sort of like the Bachelorette Gone Wild. Check them all out, rate them on kissing, looks, compatibility, availability, stability, sanity, then choose the best bet!

I am really enjoying my adventure, and it doesn't look like the absentee husband is heading back my way, so I have his blessing to "Move On" once and for all. So that is what I am doing. It is very time consuming and all absorbing, so sometimes I have to shut the computer off to do chores. But I guess this is what it feels like to be single and 55, and I am loving it. Bring on the emails, baby! Stay tuned!

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  1. well you go girl...just be careful and don't believe every word they say, until you get to know them or they buy you something expensive!!!..lol!