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You guessed it! I'm 55 years old, and I am single (not by my own doing - my much younger husband deserted me and fled to his Bosnian homeland, without so much as a second thought). His advice to me was simply: move on and live your life. So that is what I intend to do, and I am going to chronicle my adventures using various dating websites, blind dates, or whomever I happen to meet that is interested in dating.

I am new to the dating scene (had two marriages: 1st one lasted 28 years; 2nd one lasted 5 years). It's a scary world out here, women, and the rules and expectations have changed dramatically since I was last single. Being a "cougar" also adds to the mix, so I hope you will check back on my progress. Feel free to share your thoughts as I journey alone in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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55 and SINGLE!

55 and SINGLE!
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Date #3 - Mr. Yoga - May 1, 2010

So I had been talking to Mr. Y on the phone for about a week, getting to know him, building a trust base, so when Saturday arrived, I was truly excited to meet the face behind the voice. He told me he journaled, did yoga, had finally found himself after all these years. Finally, a spiritual man!! Here's his stats: blonde, blue-eyed, 5'8" (although he seemed shorter), 47 years old, single earring. He looked exactly like his profile pic, but I had hoped he would look a little different in person. So I had to wait for the hockey game to be over (and it went into O.T.) for our date to begin. He called when he was at the aforementioned Starbucks around 2:30 p.m. I was very nervous, hoping that he was the one. When I told my sister that he journaled and did yoga, she said, don't be hasty, sis, give him a chance. (She knows my track record and my type.) So he bought me a tea and since he was an outdoor-type guy, I suggested we go for a walk to the river's edge. But instead of doing the 110 steps to get down to the golf course, I took him on the forest path (I must have really trusted him because he certainly could have raped and killed me in the bush, but he didn't) and I didn't feel wary at all. So we walked and walked and talked and got to know each other for 2 hours. I think I talked to much and bragged about my family a little too much and then as we were walking back home, a biker on the opposite path accidentally veered into Mr. Y, and the biker fell off his bike quite shaken. Mr. Y was fine and commented how good that was for his ego, as it didn't even phase him to be hit by a bike. He did voice concern over the biker (another bonus). So I asked him where his car was, but he said he lent it to his roommate's girlfriend since he didn't need it (Thought: maybe he doesn't really have a car!?) He asked me how did I manage to look so good at 55, and I said must be "good genes" as my mom looks 60 and she's 81. I kept wanting there to be more of a spark. Maybe I was mad because I took second fiddle to hockey. He asked for my cheek, as the bus pulled up, and then he gave me a quick peck and off he went. He had asked me if I would go out with him again. And I said, for sure. So I went home, kind of disappointed that there wasn't enough magic but I did observe extreme kindness by him (asking to pet a cute pug puppy, picking up garter snakes), and just being totally (almost too much so) polite. He said he'd call me that night, but he didn't. So I was a little disappointed. I did notice his number on my phone around 5 though, but no message. Hmmm. I'm thinking he felt as I did and maybe realized there wasn't much spark there. Time will tell on this one. There is such a thing as being TOO nice. Note to self: He's needs a little more edge for my liking.


  1. aww c'mon...don't throw out the baby with the bath....he's nice enough to be a companion...don't have to marry him or go to bed with him....maybe a dinner?movie?

  2. Or better yet why not be friends with him? He might have friends you are more attracted to. remember you weren't instantly attracted to your first husband right?