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You guessed it! I'm 55 years old, and I am single (not by my own doing - my much younger husband deserted me and fled to his Bosnian homeland, without so much as a second thought). His advice to me was simply: move on and live your life. So that is what I intend to do, and I am going to chronicle my adventures using various dating websites, blind dates, or whomever I happen to meet that is interested in dating.

I am new to the dating scene (had two marriages: 1st one lasted 28 years; 2nd one lasted 5 years). It's a scary world out here, women, and the rules and expectations have changed dramatically since I was last single. Being a "cougar" also adds to the mix, so I hope you will check back on my progress. Feel free to share your thoughts as I journey alone in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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55 and SINGLE!

55 and SINGLE!
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Plenty of Fishes = Plenty of Losers!!

Well, I have had it with POF. All 3 of the guys that I met for coffee haven't materialized into anything worthwhile. Of course, Bachelor #1 is still smitten and still believes I'm the one for him. I did face a major setback, and I emailed him to in fact go out for dinner (hey, he was the only one so far who wanted to spend some money on me, and I got to thinking: hmmm, maybe I was a little too hasty). His response was: You're still the only one for me. That did it again and totally scared me off, so I haven't responded to his dinner request. Bachelor #2 emailed me after a week and the first thing he said was: "When are you going to suck my bleep?" I emailed him back and told him to get the woman he's been emailing and spending time with to do that or better yet, to suck it himself, and I promptly deleted him from my contacts. Bachelor #3 who seemed the most promising (being a journal writing yogi) turned out to be the most un-authentic bachelor to date as he didn't call me after a week (like he promised he would) nor did he email me. But funny every night he's emailing somebody and spending long hours chatting (I can tell because I made my profile invisible!) to someone, and it ain't me. So, sorry Charlie, your tuna is not good enough for me. You're a fake and a fraud. See, I'm no dummy to detecting players and bullsheeters. So alas people, he was way TOO good to be true and besides there was zero chemistry anyhow.

So I joined another random free dating site, and in two days I have received two emails from two fellows in NY. Go figure. Might come in handy since I have family that lives there. Anyhow, the first guy is 40, Catholic, and told me that seeing my smile every day makes him very happy (these guys don't get out much, do they?). After six emails back and forth, we have exchanged yahoo emails and will get to know each other starting tomorrow. The second NYer is Native Indian and would like to get to know me better, so we have exchanged yahoo emails as well. I will keep you posted as to how either relationship does or does not pan out. Don't be afraid to leave me a comment. I love hearing from you.


  1. POF..delte...next...losers is right!

    Can't wait ti hear about the NYorkers!
    Gwan with your bad self!

  2. what is the other free site? Maybe the issue is using free sites?

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